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Leadxpansion is a dedicated marketing agency based in Copenhagen, specializing in providing email marketing services to our esteemed clientele. Additionally, we manage loan sites on behalf of our customers in the Nordic region.

As an integral component of Orion Media, a prominent Norwegian company functioning as an affiliate network, Leadxpansion collaborates closely with Orion Media to execute campaigns effectively and enhance our overall business operations. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive marketing solutions and ensures a synergistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Approach & Solution

At Leadxpansion, we pride ourselves on a forward-thinking approach that transcends traditional marketing boundaries. Our unique methodology involves a fusion of cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, allowing us to tailor our email marketing services with unparalleled precision.

In addition to our proficiency in email marketing, we’ve revolutionized our operations by pioneering a proprietary platform that powers our loan sites in the Nordic region. This platform seamlessly integrates user-friendly interfaces with advanced analytics, ensuring not only the efficient management of loan sites but also the optimization of user experience.

Featured Case Study

Successful story

In 2019 on of our good partners came to us and wondered if we could help them create extra income on their Norwegian Database with over 800.000 respondents. They had theirself tried to utilize the email data by using programs like Mailchimp.

They soon discovered that there is much more to email marketing then to just create a nice email ad and send it out. You have to have email servers that are able to reach the inbox and you need to have your list management in order, and not at leads, you need campaigns to include in your emails. 

After 12 months we are creating an extra income for our advertiser from 3500-5500 Euros every month! And this without our customer need to do anything more then to update the email database with new data a couple of times a year!

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Thank you for considering Leadxpansion for your marketing needs. We value your interest in our services and look forward to the opportunity to assist you in achieving your business goals. Feel free to reach out to us through the following channels:

General Inquiries: For general questions, or information, or to discuss how Leadxpansion can elevate your marketing strategy, please contact us at jag@orionmedia.no.

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